Booking vendors for your wedding can be a crazy and overwhelming process! You've most likely never hired a videographer before, so knowing what to ask can be tricky. These are some of the most common questions I get, hopefully you find it helpful!
- Steve

Absolutely! This is your film and it will be watched for years to come. I want you to have creative freedom on the style and composition. 🙂

Wedding films will vary in length, but typically they will be between 4-6 minutes, highly polished and edited.

Yes, drone footage will be included with your booking! It's part of what makes my films unique and eye catching.

Give me a call or text! 😃 I will meet with you, either in person or over the phone, and we will cover all the details of your wedding. Then we have a basic contract to sign as well as a digital invoice. Once we get those, you'll be all set!

YES! I love working with photographers (I've never actually worked a wedding without one!). My style is mostly candid so the photographer is pretty free to move around. I'm more than happy to coordinate with them beforehand to make sure we will work well together on the day of your wedding!

I license all of the music I use from a site called The Music Bed. They have an amazing selection of artists and music and I have used them for 99% of my films. Before your wedding, I recommend making an account and saving some of your favorite songs!

The answer to that is...it depends! I pay to license the use of music for the weddings films to ensure that we don't infringe on anyone's copyright. Sometimes I am able to get a license to use pop music, but it just depends on what is available from the licensing sites I use.

Some of my strategies include clipping a small lapel mic on the groom for the ceremony and plugging an audio recorder into the DJ's soundboard for reception toasts. It all depends on the situation! The clip-on lapel mic for the groom does not transmit to any speakers but is solely for the video.

Typically, 8 hours max 🙂 That's usually enough time to cover everything!

This would be an amazing opportunity to get more shots for the film without all the time pressure that a wedding day brings! If you are able to do this, I would love to dedicate a few hours on an extra day for this 😁.

Absolutely! If you just cover my travel expenses, I'll be there 😃